Creating Free Offers

October 20, 2022

One of the best ways for you and your clients to build a targeted email list is by giving away powerful and relevant free offers! In this practical workshop, you will learn the key steps to creating an awesome offer for your business (and your clients) as well as discover which tools are best to use for creating free offers. If you are looking to showcase your skills and build your list, then let’s work together on crafting a free offer that will attract your ideal client!
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Course curriculum

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    Creating Free Offers
    • Download Workshop Handout
    • LESSON 1: The 5Ws of Creating Free Offers
    • LESSON 2: Nine Steps to Creating Your Offer
    • LESSON 3: Types of Free Offers
    • LESSON 4: What Offer will You Create?


  • Tammy Durden

    Tammy Durden

    Bookkeeping & Business Management Instructor

    Tammy began her 'Freedom Journey' nearly 13 years ago. She began her business because she had become disabled due to Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus and needed to work from home. Tammy began by providing Lead Generation and Virtual Assistant Services for clients and over the years grew to a Multi-VA Agency and then transitioned to become a Boutique Digital Marketing Agency with a Team. Her love to help others as well as the continuing demand from Freelancers as they reached out for help, empowered Tammy to start another company in 2018. Through this company she provides Coaching, Teaching, and Speaking to help entrepreneurs who are: - Startups - Scaling by Outsourcing (building a team) - Stuck Tammy enjoys providing a combination of business & mindset coaching. She also offers business & mindset coaching from a spiritual perspective for those clients who want to go deeper. Tammy truly enjoys mentoring & teaching our Freelancers and looks forward to helping you all for years to come. In her free time, her sources of joy are her family and husband, Eric, as well as the ministry they serve. They have 3 grown children (2 are married) and 3 grandchildren with another on the way. She also enjoys Bible Studies and Scrapbooking when time allows.

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