Creating & Managing Documents

Starts November 21, 2022

PDFs, spreadsheets, Word templates, Powerpoint slides… the list goes on of the many documents that you need to manage for your clients. In this course, you will walk through the main types of documents and useful software used to create, edit and manage all these documents. You will also learn some helpful strategies for managing and storing files through such tools as DropBox and Google Drive. Finally, you will learn how to package and price your document creation & management services.
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Course curriculum

  • 1
    MODULE ONE: Intro to Document Preparation & Management
    • Download Module One Handout
    • LESSON 1: Intro to Document Specialist Program
    • LESSON 2:Types of Documents
    • LESSON 3: The Six Steps of Document Preparation
  • 2
    MODULE TWO: Document Management, Storage & Retrieval
    • Download Module Two Handout
    • LESSON 1: File Format Types
    • LESSON 2: Proposal Formats
    • LESSON 3: Document Management
    • LESSON 4: Document Storage
    • LESSON 5: Document Retrieval & Storage Part One
    • LESSON 6: Document Retrieval & Storage Part Two
    • Project Scope Example
    • Proposal Example
    • Services Proposal Example
  • 3
    MODULE THREE - Creating Documents in Microsoft
    • Download Module Three
    • LESSON 1: Microsoft Word Part 1
    • LESSON 2: Microsoft Word Part 2
    • LESSON 3: Microsoft Excel
    • LESSON 4; Micosoft Powerpoint Part 1
    • LESSON 5: Microsoft Powerpoint Part 2
  • 4
    MODULE FOUR - Creating Documents in Google
    • Download Module Four Handout
    • LESSON 1: Google Documents Part 1
    • LESSON 2: Google Documents Part 2
    • LESSON 3: Google Sheets
    • LESSON 4: Google Slides
    • LESSON 5: Google Forms
  • 5
    MODULE FIVE: PDFs and Miscellaneous Document Types
    • Download Module Five Handout
    • LESSON 1: Creating Surveys
    • LESSON 2: OneNote
    • LESSON 3: PDF Documents Part 1
    • LESSON 4: PDF Documents Part 2
    • LESSON 5: Documents in Project Management
  • 6
    MODULE SIX - Digitalizing Documents & Saving in the Cloud
    • Download Module Six Handout
    • LESSON 1: Storing and Saving Documents
    • LESSON 2: Digitalizing Documents
    • LESSON 3: Media Management Option
  • 7
    MODULE SEVEN - Pricing and Marketing Your Skills
    • Download Module Seven Handout
    • LESSON 1: How to Price and Market Your Services


  • Tammy Durden

    Tammy Durden

    Bookkeeping & Business Management Instructor

    Tammy began her 'Freedom Journey' nearly 13 years ago. She began her business because she had become disabled due to Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus and needed to work from home. Tammy began by providing Lead Generation and Virtual Assistant Services for clients and over the years grew to a Multi-VA Agency and then transitioned to become a Boutique Digital Marketing Agency with a Team. Her love to help others as well as the continuing demand from Freelancers as they reached out for help, empowered Tammy to start another company in 2018. Through this company she provides Coaching, Teaching, and Speaking to help entrepreneurs who are: - Startups - Scaling by Outsourcing (building a team) - Stuck Tammy enjoys providing a combination of business & mindset coaching. She also offers business & mindset coaching from a spiritual perspective for those clients who want to go deeper. Tammy truly enjoys mentoring & teaching our Freelancers and looks forward to helping you all for years to come. In her free time, her sources of joy are her family and husband, Eric, as well as the ministry they serve. They have 3 grown children (2 are married) and 3 grandchildren with another on the way. She also enjoys Bible Studies and Scrapbooking when time allows.

Course Reviews

  • 👍

    Julie De Biasio

    I was expecting more meat to the content rather than an overarching view.

    I was expecting more meat to the content rather than an overarching view.

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  • This course was really helpful as I have learned a lot re...

    Amos Mugume