Kajabi Specialist

With the rapid growth in online education, many businesses are turning to Kajabi to build their marketing and membership platforms. In this course, Kajabi expert, Forest Linden will guide you step-by-step through the process of designing the marketing website, building the online course platform as well as 
setting up and managing an email marketing system. 
Plus, we will show you how to build a new income stream as a Kajabi Specialist.
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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Introduction to Kajabi Specialist Course
    • Kick-Off Interview with Instructor, Forest Linden
    • Free 14-Day Kajabi Trial
  • 2
    MODULE ONE: Build Your Marketing Website
    • LESSON 1: Introduction to Kajabi Websites
    • LESSON 2: Home Page Design Part 1
    • LESSON 3: Home Page Design Part 2
    • LESSON 4: Home Page Design Part 3
    • LESSON 5: Home Page Design Part 4
    • LESSON 6: Adding New Sections to a Page Theme
    • LESSON 7: Editing Appearance of Website Pages
    • LESSON 8: Editing Blog Layout and Index
    • LESSON 9: Editing Other Website Pages
    • LESSON 10: Creating Internal Pages with the Page Builder Part 1
    • LESSON 11: Create Internal Pages with the Page Builder Part 2
    • LESSON 12: Creating and Uploading a Favicon
    • LESSON 13: Create Website Menus
  • 3
    MODULE TWO: Build The Online Course Platform
    • LESSON 1: Getting Set up with an Online Course
    • LESSON 2: Editing the Theme for Your Online Course Area
    • LESSON 3: Setting up a Community inside Member Space
    • LESSON 4: Setting Up Quizzes
    • LESSON 5: Building the Payment Workflow Part 1
    • LESSON 6: Building the Payment Workflow Part 2
    • LESSON 7: Building the Payment Workflow Part 3
    • LESSON 8: Adding Other Payment Options
    • LESSON 9: Adding PayPal
    • LESSON 10: Three Ways to Drip Your Course Content
    • LESSON 11: Tracking Progress of the Course
  • 4
    MODULE THREE: Email Marketing and List Building
    • LESSON 1: How to send broadcast emails to your email list
    • LESSON 2: How to Build Your Email List with a Free Ebook
    • LESSON 3: How to Offer a 7-Day Email Course
    • LESSON 4: How to Offer a Free Multi-Media Mini Course.
    • LESSON 5: How to Run a Webinar on Kajabi
    • LESSON 6: How to Run a Product Launch
    • LESSON 7: How to Offer Content Upgrades on Blog Posts
    • LESSON 8: How to Add Announcement Bar to Website
  • 5
    MODULE FOUR: Kajabi Tech Systems
    • LESSON 1: Manually Importing People into Kajabi
    • LESSON 2: How to Get a Custom Domain Working on Your Site
    • LESSON 3: How to Create Email Address using Google Workspace
    • LESSON 4; How to Set Up Payment and Scheduling Workflows for Coaching or Consulting Sessions
    • LESSON 5: How to Install Google Analytics on Your Site
    • LESSON 6: Installing HelpScout for Handling Customer Support Communications
  • 6
    MODULE FIVE: Building Your Kajabi Services
    • LESSON 1: Types of Kajabi Clients
    • LESSON 2: Kajabi Services
    • LESSON 3: Packaging and Pricing Your Kajabi Services


  • Forest Linden

    Forest Linden

    Forest Linden helps people turn their expertise into online revenue. By combining software training with business strategy, he guides entrepreneurs on the journey from idea to income while making the world a better place. Go for a walk in the Forest here: http://claritylab.co

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