Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Course Introduction
  • 2
    MODULE ONE: Intro to MailChimp
    • Download Module One Handout
    • LESSON 1: Intro to MailChimp
    • LESSON 2: Offering MailChimp Services
    • LESSON 3: Important Email Audience Considerations
    • LESSON 4: The Audience Concept in MailChimp
    • LESSON 5A: Getting Started in MailChimp
    • LESSON 5B: MailChimp Dashboard and Settings
    • LESSON 5C: MailChimp Audience
    • Module One Resources
  • 3
    MODULE TWO: Communicate with Your Email Audience
    • Download Module Two Handout
    • LESSON 6: Tags Segments and Groups
    • LESSON 7: Content Studio
    • LESSON 8A: Sign up Forms
    • LESSON 8B: Using the Form Builder
    • LESSON 8C: Embedded Forms
    • LESSON 8D: PopUp Forms
    • LESSON 8E: Sign Up Form on Facebook Book
    • LESSON 8F: WordPress Plugin for Mailchimp
    • LESSON 9: Design and Use Email Templates
    • LESSON 10: Send Email Campaign to Audience
    • Module Two Resources
  • 4
    MODULE THREE: Grow Your Email Audience
    • Download Module Three Handout
    • LESSON 11: Use and Customize Social Cards
    • LESSON 12A: Use MailChimp Automations (Single)
    • LESSON 12B: Use MailChimp Automations (Series)
    • LESSON 13: Connect a Blog with RSS
    • LESSON 14: MailChimp Landing Pages
    • LESSON 15: Use MailChimp to Post Social Media
    • LESSON 16: Create and Send Social Ads
    • Module Three Resources
  • 5
    MODULE FOUR: Understanding Email Audience
    • Download Module Four Handout
    • LESSON 17: Use a Simple Poll or Survey
    • LESSON 18A: Tracking, Analytics and Reports
    • LESSON 18B: Tracking and Reporting Tutorial
    • Module Four Resources
  • 6
    MODULE FIVE: Ecommerce Tools and Email Marketing Services
    • Download Module Five Handout
    • LESSON 19A: The Power of Mailchimp and Ecommerce
    • LESSON 19B: Mailchimp Ecommerce Tutorial
    • LESSON 20: Mailchimp Services Revisited
  • 7
    Course Wrap-Up
    • Course Wrap-Up

Mastering MailChimp

MailChimp is most popular email platform used by small business clients today with over 11 million active users. In this workshop, you will discover how to set up a new account, import email lists, create and schedule email broadcasts as well as a number of cool automations. MailChimp offers a FREE version that you will be able to use to practice and get ready to deliver in-demand MailChimp services to your clients.

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