• Craig  Cannings

    Craig Cannings

    Chief Learning Officer, Freelance University

    In 2008, my wife Kelly and I co-founded Freelance University with the purpose of becoming the #1 go-to training center for Freelancers and VAs from around the globe! As of this year, we have successfully trained over 14,000 Virtual Assistants and Freelancers in more than 70 countries. Kelly and I have had the great privilege of building our Online University while raising our 5 daughters who are the greatest blessings of our lives. I look forward to meeting you and seeing you either in this program or at our University very soon. I leave you with my favorite quote from marketing guru, Seth Godin: "The only worse thing than starting something and failing... is not starting something."
WordPress is by far the most popular website management platform on the web. But it is also an effective tool for marketing your clients’ businesses. In this course, you will learn how to confidently use WordPress to create marketing funnels as well as optimized blogs for your clients. You will discover how to optimize blog posts for Google and for sharing on Social Media. You will also learn some cool free and paid tools for creating marketing funnels.

Course Reviews

  • Confidence Builder

    Dawn Lawrence

    Thank you for an Excellent training on a very in depth subject! I still feel that I can apply and promote my VAPS service to clients.

    Thank you for an Excellent training on a very in depth subject! I still feel that I can apply and promote my VAPS service to clients.

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Module One: Introduction to Digital Marketing
    • Download Module One Handout
    • Lesson 1: Six Online Marketing Disciplines
    • Lesson 2: The Customer Journey
    • Lesson 3: Types of Websites
    • [Example] Customer Value Journey
    • Module One Bonus Activity
    • Module One Resources
  • 2
    Module Two: Your Marketing Strategy
    • Download Module Two Handout
    • Lesson 1: Your Marketing Strategy
    • Lesson 2: Defining Your Lead Magnet
    • Lead Magnet Checklist
    • Lead Magnet Packaging Options
    • Module 2 Marketing Methods
  • 3
    Module Three: Setting Up Your Pages
    • The Big Picture
    • Live Case Study Demo Part 1
    • Live Case Study Demo Part 2
    • Setting up Our Website
    • Setting up Website Live Demonstration
    • Amanda the Coach Case Study
    • Setting up the Home Page Live Demo Part 1
    • Setting up the Home Page Live Demo Part 2
    • Creating Header and Footer Live Demo
    • Creating Announcement Bar Live Demo
    • Integrating the Email Autoresponder
    • Module 3 Worksheet
    • Module 3 Resources
    • Amanda Case Study File
    • WordPress Sandbox Login
    • WordPress Sandbox Demo
  • 4
    Module Four: Setting Up Your Posts
    • Download Module Handout Here
    • Lesson 1: The Anatomy of an Archive Page
    • Lesson 1A: Live Demonstration
    • Lesson 2: Setting Up Blog Posts
    • Lesson 2A: Setting up Categories
    • Lesson 2B: Setting up Yoast SEO
    • Lesson 2C: Creating a Blog Post
    • Lesson 2D: Blog Archive Design Part I
    • Lesson 2E Blog Archive Design Part II
    • Lesson 3A SEO Strategy
    • Lesson 3B: Social Assets
    • Lesson 3C: Contextual Optins
    • Lesson 3D: Contextual Sidebars
    • Lesson 3E: Conclusion
    • Lesson 3: Optimize Your Blog Posts
    • Module 4 Resources
  • 5
    Module Five: Working with Landing Pages
    • Download Module Five Handout
    • Lesson 1: Introduction to Landing Pages
    • Lesson 1-b: Live Examples of Landing Pages
    • Lesson 2: Introduction to Analytics
    • Lesson 2-a: Google Analytics
    • Lesson 2-b: Facebook Pixel
    • Lesson 2-c: Slimstat
    • Lesson 2-d: Analytics Conclusion
    • Lesson 3: Building Your Landing Page
    • Lesson 3-b: Beaver Builder Landing Pages
    • Lesson 3-a: Thrive Themes Landing Pages
    • Lesson 3-c: Repurposing Beaver Builder Pages as Landing Pages
    • Lesson 3-d: Recap and Additional Steps
    • Lesson 3-e: Conclusion
    • Module 5 Resources
  • 6
    Module Six: Product Fulfillment and Partner Traffic
    • Download Module Six Handout
    • Lesson 1: Introduction to Payment Gateways and Partner Traffic
    • Lesson 2a: Demonstrating Checkouts
    • Lesson 2b: Walkthrough of Checkouts
    • Lesson 3a: Partner Traffic
    • Lesson 3b: Walkthrough
    • Lesson 3c: Conclusion
    • Module 6 Resources
  • 7
    Complete Final Survey
    • Course Feedback Survey