Course curriculum

  • 1
    Mastering Active Campaign
    • Access Active Campaign Free Trial
    • Download Workshop Handout
    • Lesson 1: Intro to Active Campaign
    • Lesson 2: The Active Campaign Difference
    • Lesson 3: Set Up Account
    • Lesson 4: Set Up Site & Conversion Tracking
    • Lesson 5: Create Lists, Tags and Segments
    • Lesson 6: Create Lead Generation Forms
    • Lesson 7: Build Campaigns
    • Lesson 8: Set Up Email Automations
    • Lesson 9: Track Email Results
    • Lesson 10: Build Active Campaign Services
    • Active Campaign Start-up Checklist
    • Example List of Active Campaign Professionals

Build a Powerful Email Platform with Active Campaign

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While ActiveCampaign has been around for many years, it has really become a “rising star” in the email marketing & automation space in the last couple years! In this workshop, you will learn how to set up and manage your client’s email marketing campaigns. We will walk you through some practical steps to setting up the account, importing subscribers, creating email templates, building email sequences as well as the many cool automation features available. Email Marketing is a highly requested service, so ActiveCampaign could become another great income stream in your business!

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