Audio & Video Editing

What do Facebook Live events, webinars, YouTube videos and podcasts all have in common? At one point or another, they all need to be edited and professionally produced! Audio & video editing is a perfect in-demand skill set for freelancers and VAs right now as the average client does not want to get bogged down in the editing process for their videos and podcast recordings. In this course, Susan will show you how to create and edit quality audio recordings using such tools as Audacity and Auphonic, how to edit and produce quality video recordings with Camtasia, how to add intros and outros to both video and audio files, and how to repurpose Facebook Live videos into professional video replays.
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Course curriculum

  • 1
    MODULE 1: Welcome to Multimedia Editing & Production
    • Introduction to Multimedia Editing & Production
    • Multimedia Course Resource Guide
  • 2
    MODULE 2: Getting Started with Audio Editing
    • Download Module 2 Handout
    • Installing Audacity & Plugins
    • Demo of Audacity and Plugin Installation
    • Stripping Audio from Video Part 1
  • 3
    MODULE 3: Using Audacity to Edit Audio
    • Download Module 3 Handout
    • Tour of Audacity and Working with Files
    • Making Basic Edits in Audacity
    • Applying Basic Effects
    • Working with Multiple Tracks
    • Adding Intros and Outros
    • Next Steps and Action Tasks
    • Instructions for using Practice Samples
    • How to Use the Practice Samples
    • Sample for Editing Practice
    • [Zip File] Sample for Editing Practice data
    • Sample for Intro / Outro Practice
    • [Zip File] Sample for Intro / Outro Practice Data
    • Example Intro with Music
    • Example Outro with Music
    • Sample #1 for Multitrack Practice
    • Sample #2 for Multitrack Practice
  • 4
    MODULE 4: Using Audacity to Record Audio
    • Download Module 4 Handout
    • Recording Audio using Audacity
    • Next Steps and Action Tasks
    • Sample Recording
    • [Zip File] Sample Recording Data
  • 5
    MODULE 5: Improving Audio Quality
    • Download Module 5 Handout
    • About Audio Quality
    • Using Audacity to Improve Audio Quality
    • Loudness, Lufs & Auphonic
  • 6
    MODULE 6: Demystifying Compression
    • Download Module 6 Handout
    • Demystifying Audio Compression
  • 7
    MODULE 7: Getting Started with Video Editing
    • Download Module 7 Handout
    • Getting Started with Video Editing
  • 8
    MODULE 8: Editing Video with Camtasia
    • Download Module 8 Handout
    • Getting Started with Camtasia
    • Camtasia Tour
    • Basic Timeline Editing
    • Basic Video Editing
    • Basic Visual Effects
    • Basic Audio Effects
    • Working with Multiple Tracks
    • Adding Intros, Outros and Annimation
    • Next Steps & Action Tasks
    • Sample for Video Editing Practice
  • 9
    MODULE 9: Recording Your Screen
    • Download Module 9 Handout
    • Recording Your Screen
  • 10
    MODULE 10: Improving a Facebook Live Video
    • Download Module 10 Handout
    • Improving a FB Live Video
    • Overview of FB Captions
    • Sample Facebook Live Video
  • 11
    MODULE 11: Audio & VIdeo Editing Services
    • Download Module 11 Handout
    • Audio & Video Editing Services
  • 12
    Course Wrap-up
    • Course Wrap-up


  • Susan Weeks

    Susan Weeks

    Technology Instructor

    Susan Weeks wears several online hats. Online marketing & content marketing consultant, podcast host of the Stitchery Stories podcast, podcast producer, mentor, and technical training.She started her professional career as a mainframe computer programmer, working in the automotive industry and international banking, whilst living in the North of England. An opportunity to study for a Training & Development qualification whilst at Nissan laid a strong foundation which paved the way for a major opportunity at her next corporate job. Susan developed and delivered technical training programmes to enable the company to expand with a pipeline of experienced and trained staff ready to work with international banking clients. This grew into establishing a training department and managing and growing a team of trainers to serve the rapidly expanding and successful organization.Fast forward a few years and a few unexpected life experiences. Her online career developed whilst living in France, when her son was old enough to go to school, so Susan set about finding a way to take the best of her professional IT career and earn a living in rural France. She discovered VAClassroom in 2008 and has been a part of the community since those early days.Imagine her delight at this latest evolution of her career.... Creating technical training for VAClassroom University. She gets to combine her love of training and helping people to be the best they can be, with her love of learning, her technical IT skills, and an interesting online business. Susan is delighted that these strands have come together. She hopes you will be equally delighted with learning new skills and growing your business around them. Let's get started!

Course Reviews

  • Loved it!

    Stephanie Finkbeiner

    Thank you, Susan, for creating a comprehensive course on screencast and podcast editing with Camtasia and Audacity! The pace of the course was perfect. I was...

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    Thank you, Susan, for creating a comprehensive course on screencast and podcast editing with Camtasia and Audacity! The pace of the course was perfect. I was able to finish it in about a week (and that's with stopping to do the action steps of the video and audio work as well). Everything was covered, and my questions answered in the videos. I'm off to a great start with practicing and working toward offering it as a service.

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