Manage Projects & Tasks with Notion

Notion is another fast-rising star in the Project Management space. Learn how to set up and manage projects, tasks and timelines with Notion!
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Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Intro to Notion
    • LESSON 1: Account Set Up & First Board Creation
    • LESSON 2: Notion for Content Planning
    • LESSON 3: Notion for Weekly To-Dos
    • LESSON 4: Notion for Lead Tracking
    • Summary

Course Reviews


  • Silvia Pinho

    Silvia Pinho

    Sílvia is a freelance social media manager and online educator from Portugal, and a lover of all things cats, Disney, and videogames. She started in the online business world on Upwork back in 2013, after a boredom-driven Google search for “how to make money online”. Having offered services from design & illustration to translation & transcription, virtual assistance, and more, she eventually landed in social media marketing and content creation. Now, alongside her social media services, she's super passionate about helping her fellow freelancers start and grow their businesses through online content that teaches them all they need to know about freelancing and social media, so they can get more clients without all the overwhelm.