Course curriculum

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    Pricing Your Freelance Services
    • Download Your Workshop Handout
    • LESSON 1: Introduction to Pricing
    • LESSON 2: Common Pricing Traps
    • LESSON 3: Hourly Pricing Model
    • LESSON 4: Project Pricing Model
    • LESSON 5: Fixed Pricing Model
    • LESSON 6: Value-Based Pricing Model
    • LESSON 7: Pricing Strategies
    • LESSON 8: Seven Steps to Setting Your Rates
    • LESSON 9: Two Options for Packaging Your Services
    • LESSON 10: Keys to Raising Your Rates
    • Freelance Pricing Guide

Discover New Strategies for Pricing and Packaging Your Freelance Services

One of the most difficult things to get right in your freelance business is PRICING. As freelancers, we often stress over whether our rates are too high or too low and how to structure our rate sheet and packages. In this workshop, we are going to walk through a simple formula for setting your rates and pricing for your service packages. We will also be providing a comprehensive pricing guide across a variety of popular freelance niches that I think you will find helpful.

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