Virtual Project Manager

Duration: 4.7 hours

Due to the Global Pandemic, there has been a sudden, large-scale shift to working remotely, which has changed how businesses lead and manage projects. The need for remote project managers is at an all-time high and is one of the most important skill sets you can develop in your VA or freelance business.

In this important course, you will discover a 5-step system for successfully managing projects during this remote work revolution! You will learn specific tools, systems, and strategies for effectively managing both small and large projects and teams! Don’t miss this opportunity to hone the skills you need to become a highly sought-after Virtual Project Manager.
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Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Intro to the VPM Program
  • 2
    MODULE ONE: Virtual Project Management Foundations
    • Download Module One Handout
    • LESSON 1: Introduction
    • LESSON 2: What is Project Management
    • LESSON 3: The Rise of Virtual Project Management
    • LESSON 4: Ten Project Management Challenges
    • LESSON 5: Types of PM Clients
    • LESSON 6: Ten Keys to Virtual Project Management Success
  • 3
    MODULE TWO: Roles and Responsibilities of the Virtual Project Manager
    • Download Module Two Handout
    • LESSON 1: The 7 Hats of the Virtual Project Manager
    • LESSON 2: Your Project Management Assessment
    • LESSON 3: The Key Skills of a Virtual Project Manager
    • Project Skills Assessment Template
  • 4
    MODULE THREE: Project Management Methods
    • Download Module Three Handout
    • LESSON 1: Project Management 101
    • LESSON 2: Agile Method
    • LESSON 3: Waterfall Method
    • LESSON 4: Scrum Method
    • LESSON 5: Lean Method
    • LESSON 6: Kanban Method
    • LESSON 7: Hybrid Method
  • 5
    MODULE FOUR: Assess Your Project
    • Download Module Four Handout
    • LESSON 1: Project Management Lifecycle
    • LESSON 2: Project Management Kick-Off Meeting
    • LESSON 3: Project Management Needs Assessment
    • Project Management Needs Assessment Template
  • 6
    MODULE FIVE: Plan Your Project
    • Download Module Five Handout
    • LESSON 1: The Power of Planning
    • LESSON 2: Mapping the Project
    • LESSON 3: Project Action Planning
    • LESSON 4: Planning Software
    • Sample Mindmap
  • 7
    MODULE SIX: Implement Your Project
    • Download Module Six Handout
    • LESSON 1: Five Common Project Pitfalls
    • LESSON 2: Four Keys to Success Project Implementation
    • LESSON 3: Project Management Monitoring Checklist
    • Project Monitoring Checklist
  • 8
    MODULE SEVEN: Evaluate and Close Your Project
    • Download Module Seven Handout
    • LESSON 1: Evaluate The Project
    • LESSON 2: Evaluate Performance Issues
    • LESSON 3: Evaluate the Project Manager: YOU
    • LESSON 4: Close the Project
    • Project Evaluation Form
    • PM Self-Evaluation Form
  • 9
    MODULE EIGHT: Select the Right Project Management Tools and Apps
    • Download Module Eight Handout
    • LESSON 1: Project Management App Wishlist
    • LESSON 2: Popular Project Management Software
    • Project Management Software Guide
  • 10
    MODULE NINE: Build a Profitable Virtual Project Management Service
    • Download Module Nine Handout
    • LESSON 1: Project Management Opportunities
    • LESSON 2: PM Services and Packages


  • Craig  Cannings

    Craig Cannings

    Chief Learning Officer, Freelance University

    In 2008, my wife Kelly and I co-founded Freelance University with the purpose of becoming the #1 go-to training center for Freelancers and VAs from around the globe! As of this year, we have successfully trained over 25,000 Virtual Assistants and Freelancers in more than 75 countries. Kelly and I have had the great privilege of building our Online University while raising our 5 daughters who are the greatest blessings of our lives. I look forward to meeting you and seeing you either in this program or at our University very soon. I leave you with my favorite quote from marketing guru, Seth Godin: "The only worse thing than starting something and failing... is not starting something."

Course Reviews

  • Exceeded my expectations

    Noémi Máté

    I really enjoyed the teaching style! My two favorite parts were the comparison of different project management methods (thanks to the exampes I finally under...

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    I really enjoyed the teaching style! My two favorite parts were the comparison of different project management methods (thanks to the exampes I finally understand their values and which method can be good when) and the project evaluation module (which is a very important part of a project but you were the first one to dedicate time to talk about it).

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