Website Analytics

For any business with an online presence, it is vital to understand how your website users are responding to your pages and products. Website Analytics is the key to uncovering valuable information that will help your clients improve how they present their content and market their products and services. In this course, you will develop the skills to effectively navigate the often complicated interface of Google Analytics and pull out the exact data and information your clients need to improve their business results. Understanding Website Analytics is an invaluable skill to offer clients this year and beyond!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    MODULE ONE: Website Analytics 101
    • Download Module One Handout
    • LESSON 1: Introduction
    • LESSON 2: Website Analytics Foundations
    • LESSON 3: Website Analytics Defined
    • LESSON 4: Key Website Analytics Terminology
    • LESSON 5: Four Stages of Website Analytics
  • 2
    MODULE TWO: Build Your Website Analytics Strategy and Plan
    • Download Module Two Handout
    • LESSON 1: Define Business Objectives
    • LESSON 2: Create Conversion Funnel
    • LESSON 3: Develop Measurement Plan
    • LESSON 4: Select Website Analytics Tool
    • LESSON 5: Track and Report
  • 3
    MODULE THREE: Google Analytics Foundations
    • Download Module Three Handout
    • LESSON 1: Intro to Google Analytics
    • LESSON 2: Setting Up Google Analytics
    • LESSON 3: Migration to Google Analytics 4
    • LESSON 4: Review Google Analytics Dashboard
  • 4
    MODULE FOUR: Google Analytics Tracking and Reporting
    • Download Module Four Handout
    • LESSON 1: Tracking Your Metrics
    • LESSON 2: Google Conversion Tracking
    • LESSON 3: Building Google Analytics Reports
    • Sample Google Analytics Report
  • 5
    MODULE FIVE: Website Analytics Services & Packages
    • Download Module Five Handout
    • LESSON 1: Website Analytics Services and Packages

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