Before you submit a Support Request, take a look at our list of FAQs below as most likely we have provided an answer to your question. This is the quick and easy route to getting your questions answered! If your question is not answered, scroll down and send us a message. We will add your question to our FAQs and get back to you within 24 hours (although we tend to surprise you and get back to you much faster).

At any time, feel free to email us at: (but, take a look below first)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are LIVE webinars, office hours, and skills workshops recorded?

    YES, YES, and YES! We do run monthly LIVE webinars, office hours and skills workshops, but if you just can't make it to the LIVE session, don't worry, they will be added to the University within 24-48 hours for you to tune in on your own time.

  2. My enrollment is saying "expired" or it appears I am locked out of my training.

    Don't worry! Simply drop us a quick note at and we will take a closer look and resolve the issue quickly so you can get on to learning!

  3. I feel completely overwhelmed, where do I start?

    This is NORMAL! But, we have put together an Orientation Video and Start Up Kit to get you started on the right track and give you a starting point within the University. You can find the Orientation Video as well as the Startup Kit by clicking on "Home" and visiting the University homepage.

  4. I want to change my credit card that is currently on file, how do I do this?

    Please email us at and we will send you a secure credit card update page.

  5. Will my enrollment plan automatically re-bill?

    No, we will not re-bill your credit card if you choose the Annual Plan. We will notify you prior to your expiration date providing you with instructions on how to renew for another year and continue your training uninterrupted. We are confident you will want to continue your access to the University, but we want you to make that decision. If you have chosen our Monthly Plan, we will continue to auto-bill your credit card until you choose to cancel. This allows for no interruptions in your learning.

  6. I received a Decline Notice. What do I do now?

    If you received a Decline Notice, your Monthly payment was unable to be processed. Please click on the links provided in the email you received to update your credit card information if necessary. The most common reasons we receive for a declined payment are:

    The address no longer matches the address your credit card company has on file and must be updated. The card has expired and the expiration date must be updated. Your credit card company does not recognize the charge and has put a freeze on your card. You must then contact your credit card company to explain the charge and have them lift it. Your credit card company does not authorize "International" payments if you reside outside of Canada (this is VERY common, but your credit card company can easily lift this restriction). Your credit card company has placed a security measure on your card that prohibits the charge. If the payment continues to decline, please contact Support for further assistance. Don’t stress about this one. 99% of the time, this is just a blip and we’ll get it worked out quickly. Typically, a quick call to your credit card company resolves all of the above.

  7. Why is there an additional 3% charge on my payment?

    We do not add any additional charges to your payment. However, some credit card providers do charge a 3% “International” charge for those purchases made to companies located outside of your home country. We are proudly a Canadian company; therefore, if you are seeing an additional charge, we would suggest contacting your credit card company directly. Some of our clients choose to use a different credit card that does not charge the International fee. There are still some out there!

  8. I want to cancel my Monthly Plan.

    If you chose our Monthly Plan, you can cancel at any time. Simply email Support and we will take care of it…no questions asked.

  9. I don't think Freelance University is the right fit for me, I would like a refund.

    We do provide a 15 day cancellation period, so if for some reason after taking a peek at the University, you feel it isn’t the right fit for your training needs, please contact Support and we will cancel your plan with us and refund your first payment. As stated in our Terms of Use, we do not provide refunds beyond our 15 day cancellation period for the Annual or Monthly Plans.